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Healthy Choices

Weight Loss Options

Intramuscular injections is a fast way to get vitamins, minerals and amino acids into your body. Any medications taken orally have to be processed by your liver.

Intramuscular injections allow for rapid absorption of important nutrients. 


Weight Management  Program

  • medically monitored program 

  • weekly weights at clinic

  • treatment with oral tablets, injectables, and sublingual spray 

  • boost your metabolism and lose weight without feeling hungry

Supplemental Medication:

  1. MICC, weekly IM injection ($35) 

  2. Lipo Mini Mix, weekly IM injection ($35) 


  • Exercise and low calorie food intake. 

LipoTropic Injections

  • lose weight

  • increase energy

  • better mood

  • helps with liver detoxification

  • improves focus

  • helps control cholesterol

  • helps with gallstone

  • removes fat from liver



Supplemental medications:

  1. Vitamin B 12 injections

  2. Glutathione injections


  • injections once a week to maintain weight 

lipotropic injections burn fat.jpg
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