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Weight Management  Program

  • medically monitored program 

  • weekly weights at clinic

  • treatment with oral tablets, injectables, and sublingual spray 

  • boost your metabolism and lose weight without feeling hungry

Supplemental Medication:

  1. MICC, weekly IM injection ($35) 

  2. Lipo Mini Mix, weekly IM injection ($35) 


  • Exercise and low calorie food intake required. 

LipoTropic Injections

  • lose weight

  • increase energy

  • better mood

  • helps with liver detoxification

  • improves focus

  • helps control cholesterol

  • helps with gallstone

  • removes fat from liver



Supplemental medications:

  1. Vitamin B 12 injections

  2. Glutathione injections


  • injections 2 times a week to maintain weight 

lipotropic injections burn fat.jpg
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