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Family 1st, was inspired by a vision of integrative medicine for our patients. The treatment of patients through spiritual, emotional, mental, in addition to the physical means are so crucial that we are inspired to offer this in one place for all our patients. 


Family Medical Provider will assess for acute and chronic illness. While Occupational Therapist evaluates any deficiencies occurring that could be the cause of everyday aches and pains, imbalances, weakness, dizziness. These can be caused by visual perceptual problems, cognitive (thinking) skills, or sensory processing problems.


In addition, we have included Speech Therapy services in our facility. This will make it so much easier for families to find resolution for very common problems in the developmental stages of growing children. 

The general principle is that all aspects of the patient are considered in treating illness, which include natural and less invasive alternatives when possible. Like with IV Therapy when we choose, after lab results, what is deficient in your individual body. IV Therapy infusions are an easier and faster way to achieve health and balance in your body. 

Family 1 st will address all these integrated parts and create a plan of care that is best for you. 


Our Provider for

Family 1st Clinic

Mercy Jaramillo FNP

Mercy speaks Spanish, and has worked helping the non-insured Spanish community in Nashville, TN. Recently touched by her patients needs she has agreed to work at Family 1ST Clinic to continue serving the community in need. 


Over 30 years of experience working with children of all ages and adults.


Mercy started working with newborns at the  Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Miami Children's Hospital.  She immediately fell in love with her pediatric patients and their families. Mercy relocated to San Diego, CA, where she led a Cardiology Clinic. Then moved again once she had children of her own and is living in Mount Juliet, TN. Worked at St Thomas Clinic for 7 years.

Mercy is well known for her leadership skills, teaching skills to new practitioner students and always taking her time with her patients. Patients instantly feel comfortable with her calming personality and teaching skills. During her children visits, she plays with them and makes them feel at ease. 

She is non-judging and accepts everyone.

Truly a well rounded educated Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Along with

Motion 360 

Rita Gessford
Occupational Therapist

Rita is a graduate of Ohio State University where she earned a B.S. degree in occupational therapy. After graduating, Rita worked in various settings (skilled care unit, acute care, NICU Level III, and outpatient) at a local hospital in Canton, Ohio. Rita was the sole therapist in the NICU setting, creating a standardized level of care for nursing and occupational therapy. Rita developed an initial competency seminar and performed random competency assessments throughout the year. Rita was a principal of the Vermont Oxford study where she completed the Bailey’s Standardized Test for Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) infants. In 2005, Rita became a nationally certified lymphedema therapist through LANA. She created an outpatient lymphedema clinic for the hospital she worked at in Ohio. Rita also became the therapy representative on the Cancer Committee Board and worked closely with the leading physician in the sentinel node biopsy studies. In 2010, Rita moved to Nashville where she worked within the St. Thomas Hospital. Pursuing her passion to help children, Rita joined the Dynamic team in 2015. 


Motion360 Therapy was born January 2023. Excited to start her own journey, she WELCOMES all patients to contact her. 

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